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    What is Myopia?

    Myopia, or more commonly short-sightedness, is a common condition that affects over 1.5 billion people across the world! It occurs where you can see up to a certain distance and passed this,objects become fuzzy or blurry.


    How can I tell if I have myopia?

    Often people start to notice that road signs, TV subtitles or writing on the whiteboard in the classroom is difficult to see. Apart from blurry vision, sometimes people can have headaches and eye strain from struggling things that are far away.

    Can it get worse and why?

    Myopia can definitely get worse. Unfortunately, the complete reason why is still unknown. Research shows that genetics seem to play a part - in other words, if your parents are short sighted, you will also most likely be short sighted. Whether or not too much time spent doing near work or even not having enough exposure to sunlight is yet to be determined.

    Checkout this website to assess and manage risks for myopia in kids. 

    How do I treat it or stop it?

    Treatment options include glasses, contact lenses, medicated drops or laser surgery.

    Orthokeratology is a specialty contact lens that we offer! It has been shown to slow down or stop the progression of myopia. Click here for more information about Orthokeratology.


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