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    Do you ever get a burning, stinging or gritty feeling in your eyes? Do they look red or feel sore when you stare at a computer screen?

    For clear vision, your eyes need to be well lubricated and moist! Your tears naturally do this, but your tear film quality may be poor due to several reasons.


    What is it and what do you feel?

    Dry eye syndrome is essentially what the name is, a condition where the eyes can become irritated and inflammed due to poor surface moisture. This can cause red eyes, the feeling of something inside the eyes, blurriness, grittiness, burning and even watery eyes!

    There are 2 reasons why your eyes become dry:
    1. Lack of tears
    2. Excess evaporation

    What causes dry eye?

    Dry eye can be due to many environmental and health factors. These include: air conditioned office environment, computer work, age, medication, pregnancy, skin disease, eye surgery, dry climates and smoking.


    What can be done?

    Treatment is dependent upon what type of dry eye you have!

    If there is any inflammation, the cause needs to be determined and treated. Often this will include using eyelid wipes/cleaners and warm compresses.

    From there, we are able to recommend different types of artificial drops, gels and ointments.
    There are also dietary changes and vitamins we can recommend to reduce dry eye.

    Shop online for eye drops and supplements for dry eye.


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