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    Specialised tests that may be performed:

    Dilated Fundus Examination - We use special eye drops to open (dilate) your pupils. Under normal conditions, your pupils can be quite small. This limits our field of view when checking for eye diseases at the back of your eyes (the retina). This is especially important for thorough retinal checks and for conditions like high myopia, glaucoma, macula degeneration and diabetic retinopathy

    Therapeutically endorsed - Our optometrist is trained in eye diseases and able to prescribe medicated eye drops allowing treatment of some eye conditions including red eyes, infections, inflammation and allergies.

    Contact Lens Fittings - Different types of contact lenses can be fit depending on the need. These include soft contact lenses for daily wear, specialty contact lenses for tricky prescriptions and unusual eyes, Orthokeratology for myopia control

    Retinal imaging - We take a photograph to record and document any changes that may occur over time. This is important for tracking any changes to the eyes especially with conditions such as glaucoma and macula degeneration.

    Tonometry - This handheld instrument measures the pressure inside your eye. Eye pressures are important for screening glaucoma and as a side effect to some medication. High pressures inside your eye can cause permanent damage to your retinal nerves leading to blindness.

    Visual Field - This machine checks your peripheral vision. Some ocular diseases such as glaucoma and neuorological problems can cause problems with peripheral vision.

    Corneal topography - This special instrument maps out the front surface of the eye. It is important for specialised contact lens fittings such as Orthokeratology and especially in conditions such as Keratoconus.

    Autorefractor - This instrument gives us an estimate of what your prescription is which is then used as a starting point.


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